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How to 180 Barspin BMX

An in depth tutorial on the steps that will help you learn 180 barspins quick and easily.Cody was busy so my friend Aidan filmed this on his 60D. Its my goal to get 10,000 Instagram followers and Facebook likes by my birthday (may 5th) so do it up! @adam_lz Check out for my stickers, shirts, […]

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How to Feeble Grind BMX

Subscribe please! It would make my day 🙂 So as you may or may not know I dislocated my finger the other day, this is my first attempt at riding, just to make a how to for you all. It still hurts like a motherfucker and I’m going to take it easy for another week. […]

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How-Tuesdays: Superman’s with Ryan “Biz” Jordan

Over his career, Ryan “Biz” Jordan has logged some serious time in the air, so who better to teach you how to superman? Whether it’s over a double or down some stairs, the superman is always a crowd pleaser.

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