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How to 180 Barspin BMX

An in depth tutorial on the steps that will help you learn 180 barspins quick and easily.Cody was busy so my friend Aidan filmed this on his 60D. Its my goal to get 10,000 Instagram followers and Facebook likes by my birthday (may 5th) so do it up! @adam_lz Check out for my stickers, shirts, […]

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How To Hang Five BMX

The MOST in-depth how to hang 5 on youtube! Please subscribe! This is Cody’s first how to, and he insisted on filming it directly after he did the barspin challenge, which is why he was out of breath. He goes over ALL the steps of how to hang 5 including… 1. How to find your […]

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How to Manual BMX

Want to learn manuals the FASTEST and EASIEST way? Here is a fun and extremely informative video that will help tremendously. Featuring Adam LZ & Spencer Foresman. Shirts and Stickers: – It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a how-to, and I’m excited to start making more for you guys. Webisodes and other videos […]

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How to Make a Belt out of a BMX Tire

Put that old worn-out tire to use by transforming it into a fully adjustable and stylish belt! And it only takes a few minutes 🙂 LZBMX Belt Buckles – – More info below – Additional tips: -Best width for a tire belt is about 1.4″ -When installing the belt buckle, tugging the tire will pull […]

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GO4IT BMX Street Jam Highlights

The first Official BMX Street Jam, turned out to be a fun and action packed day, with over 30 BMX riders from across Cyprus gathering in Limassol. There were some big tricks and even bigger bails at some of Limassol’s best riding spots, as well as lots of funny moments and non BMX action. A […]

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Vans Italy hits the streets of Cyprus

In Autumn 2013 the Italian Vans team (plus special guests Kris Vile and Flo Marfaing) hit the streets of Cyprus, shredding all the spots you know and love. If there’s one thing the Vans team know how to do it’s stack clips. This 6 minute edit is packed full of amazing tricks and slams. Its a must watch […]

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