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BMX: How-to – Pickup Bars w/ Tom Villarreal

Pickup bars… Where to even start!? While some might find this laughable, I’ve met plenty of legitimate pros, barspin champs even… who still can’t quite figure out the pickup barspin. And as simple as this trick might be, that’s the beauty of it. People do ’em to drop, Julian Arteaga did a fakie pickup bar […]

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How-Tuesday: Nothings with Trey Jones

Trey Jones stops in at Woodward Camp to deliver the cheat codes to nothings; a classic move that you can take to the trails, park, street spot or even your driveway.

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BMX – How-Tuesday – Baby Duster Grinds With Dean Watson

The saying, “less is more” couldn’t be truer when it comes to baby duster grinds. Though 2 pegs or less are required for this trick, it’s definitely one of the most fun looking moves out there. Check in with Dean Watson as he gives a breakdown on the pre-cursor trick to Derek Dusters. Fun fact, […]

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