From his studio in Singapore Mister Tucks rewrites skating’s history for a new collaboration with REAL featuring Dennis Busenitz & Ishod Wair Pro Decks and more. Producer : Soon DOP : Juffrie Friday Camera Assist : Elliot Editor : Carolyn Location Sponsor : XPC

Dennis Busenitz is no stranger at two of SF’s most recognizable spots… 3 Up, 3 Down and 3rd & Army. We put together some of our favorite clips into one edit. Sit back, hold on tight and then go skate!

A rainy Philly day. An indoor bowl.. Ishod and Nate Viands met up to skate and the session turned into Nate’s new welcome to the REAL Team AD. Hell yes Nate! Check out the full video and photos from the session. For more Nate and to send high fives follow