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How to Feeble Grind BMX

Subscribe please! It would make my day 🙂 So as you may or may not know I dislocated my finger the other day, this is my first attempt at riding, just to make a how to for you all. It still hurts like a motherfucker and I’m going to take it easy for another week. […]

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How-to: Smith Hard 180’s w/ Chase Dehart | Ride BMX

Chase Dehart is one of the first dudes who I really saw doing the smith to hard 180 a ton.. I believe it was done first by Seth Kimbrough, but Chase might be responsible for popularizing the trick after his Shook “Put In Werk” section. Regardless, Chase was the perfect candidate to deliver this how-to […]

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BMX: How-to – Pedal Crooks w/ Trevor Sigloch

The pedal crook is such a sick looking grind, and yet you don’t see it done too often, especially not peglesss. S&M’s Trevor Sigloch runs you through the techniques involved in the execution of the pedal crook grind. This is probably one of the coolest pegless grinds IMO, not to hate on crank arm grinds, […]

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BMX: How-to – Feeble hop-up manuals w/ Jacob Cable

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos! Jacob Cable walks you through the feeble to hop-up manual while recently visiting Woodward West in the hills of Tehachapi, California. Jacob is a tech ledge ninja and knows a thing or two about balancing on one wheel. The feeble hop-up manual is a beginner level […]

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BMX: How-to – The Nollie w/ Calvin Kosovich

Subscribe to our channel for more videos!: Calvin Kosovich takes some time out of his busy schedule to inundate you with tips, pointers, and philosophies of the nollie. The nollie is an extremely versatile trick and as Calvin points out, once you’ve got some nollie pop it can actually be a game changer.. Down drops, […]

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How to Double Peg

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX-QwUo-QdY[/embedyt] Once you have got the bunny hop down, this is probably one of the first tricks you want to try. The double peg is one of the easiest grinding tricks and can be done on almost any ledge or rail. Check out this video from Subrosa riders Lars Tepaske and Francisco Jimenez. Don’t forget to […]

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