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GO4IT BMX Street Jam 2018

A yearly tradition is the GO4IT Street Jam, that see’s the Cyprus’s BMX scene head to the street of Limassol In search of New Riding Spots and to show of their skills. This year we were joined by Riders from Ridon BMX Distro (Greece) and Fibera BMX (North Cyprus) who took the street jam to […]

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Agios Andreas Skatepark, Nicosia

Completed in July 2018, The Agios Andreas Skatepark is packed full with features for skaters and bmx’ers. There are some big quarters & hip transfers, a cool mini half pipe plus a fun box with ledges and rails. The skatepark is located next to the Municipal Swimming Pool and St Andreas Primary School. The park […]

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Fibera Skatepark, Haspolat, Nicosia

Fibera Skatepark is the biggest skatepark on the Island and the Only Indoor Facility. Fibera is privately owned and located in Haspolat, North Cyprus. The skatepark is easily accessible and only 10 mins drive from the Nicosia Border Crossing. The Skatepark has a Street Section with lots of handrails and ledges, a big bank, wallride […]

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Akrotiri Skatepark, Limassol

Located inside the RAF Akrotiri Base, this skatepark is constructed of pre-fabricated ramps and consists of quarter pipes, spine, pyramid, large banks and a jump box. The park is very spacious and has a lot of room to flow around and catch speed. As the park is located within the British RAF Base, it is […]

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Dyrenia Skatepark

This is a small skatepark constructed using Rhino Ramps. Ideally suited for skaters & Scooters, the park consists of a quarter pipe, bank, pyramid, flat bar and Ledge. Located next to the public football pitches and there is a small canteen for drinks and snacks.

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Lakatamia Skatepark, Nicosia

Located in the Green Area of Lakatamia, Nicosia, this small park is ideal for skateboarders and scooters. The ramps are made by Rhino Ramps and are pretty good quality, however they can be a little slippery when dusty. There is a small quarter, small bank, pyramid style box with hubba, as well as a flat […]

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Molos Skatepark, Limassol

This was the first Public Skatepark to be built in Cyprus back in 2010. Although the park is small there are plenty of obstacles to skate & ride. The park is FREE to use and open 24 Hours a Day. The park has lights at night time.   

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BMX Best Trick at Papantoniou, Ipsonas

On the 20th May 2018, the GO4IT Team headed out of Limassol, to Papantoniou Supermarkets in Ipsonas. Together with a group of Local BMX riders, we put on a kick ass show and BMX best trick competition for the Sunday Shoppers. Andrew Franke aka Shadow was on the decks and there were plenty of chilled […]

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Bora Altintas – GO4IT Cyprus Video Part 2018

As everyone knows Bora is a go big or go home kind of guy and his new 2018 GO4IT video part is just that. Despite getting injured part way through filming, Bora was able to stack plenty of clips  and put banger after banger in this sweet little edit. 

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#NOTORIOUSJIBS – Ilya Landskoi

GO4IT and Federal Team rider Ilya Landskoi took full advantage of the mild winter season in Cyprus and spent the last 6 weeks filming a new video part. Whilst you were all sitting at home watching christmas movies and filling your face with food and beers, Ilya was out shredding the street and stacking clips. […]

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